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Aurora School of Light

A school dedicated to helping soul's awaken to their highest path

It was my life - like all lives mysterious and irrevocable and sacred. So very close, so very present, so very belonging to me.  How wild it was, to let it be.

                                 -Cheryl Strayed



Kat Barker is the founder of Aurora School of Light, a school for seekers, empaths, lightworkers and anyone interested in raising their consciousness while learning to trust the intuition of their soul. 


Aurora, named after the Goddess of the dawn, is here to illuminate, educate, inspire, and support those on an inward path of expansion.

Kat has been a speaker and teacher of intuition, improvisation, storytelling and healing for the last fifteen years. She has worked one-on-one with clients as a healer, intuitive and executive coach, as well as companies internationally, helping them to trust their intuition and tell more holistic, intuitive stories.  

Kat is a certified Akashic Records reader and teacher; shamanic craniosacral therapist; reiki master and the artistic director of the female led global production company:


She is also currently in her second year of Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic therapy practitioner training.


Most importantly, she is a deep soul who has been on an inward journey to heal and cultivate her inner-light. With humor, grace and compassion she is here to champion all those seeking the beautiful journey back to their heart.



Randall Harr is an empath who has channeled his gifts into a successful creative career.  In 2019 he had an awakening which put him in touch with his intuitive abilities and ignited his path of service.  


Randall is a certified Akashic reader who is passionate about helping people to connect with their heart’s truth.  Using his healing abilities, he gently guides clients back to themselves with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.


With a desire to continue giving back, Randall is finishing his second year in Hakomi as a somatic, therapeutic coach as he deepens his work with clients, helping them to come into further states of mindfulness and integration.


With a recognition that our society encourages men to disconnect from their feeling bodies and pursue success at all costs, Randall runs men’s groups to help break down belief systems and the shame that can be carried in our bodies about what it means to be a “man”.  With years of experience as a person in recovery he is able to hold space for participants to be in vulnerable connection with each other and themselves.  


Borrowing from Hakomi’s principle’s, Randall believes that we are wise, self-healing beings who all have our own organic unfolding towards purpose and peace. 

To inquire about upcoming men's groups online or in person, or schedule an Akashic Reading reach out to Randall at or

Kat Barker                        Randall Harr

My experience with Kat has healed me in ways I could have never imagined were possible.  It's the first time in my life where I feel not only heard and seen but protected.  Going to see her always feel like I can finally reveal everything that I am and that she will somehow transform my fears and wounds into beauty, magic and expression...
-Lea Moret, Paris France

Alexa Young, CA

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